Non-Woven Filter Media
Non-Woven Filter Media
Non-Woven Filter Media
Non-Woven Filter Media
Non-Woven Filter Media
Non-Woven Filter Media
Non-Woven Filter Media

Non-Woven Filter Media


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The Filteration of Air and Water is Paramount to our health and Safety. Filters can be made using Woven or Non-Woven textiles
We MegTri Adhesives Pvt. Ltd. manufacture variety of filter media, available with.

  • Non-Woven Filter Media 
  • Synthetic Air Filter Media
  • MT Auto Cabin Air Filter Paper
  • Non-Woven Air Filter Media-MT110
  • MT Needle Punch Non Woven Filter Cloth
Non-woven filter media are the Core for almost all filters available in the market for air and fluid filtering ranging from automobile, industrial, medical and even home utility.

  • In Industries air filters are used to create dust clean and dust free rooms within the same premise where air pollutants are present. 
  • For Automobile we have variety of filters for both cabin and engine air filters along with fuel filter media

Synthetic Air Filter Media for Air Intake Filter Systems: 
Synthetic Air Filter Media is primarily used as a prefilter for more expensive final filters, often extending the life-cycle of these final filters by 50%.


•     Light weight with high strength

•     High air permeability

•     High elongation

•     Superior dimension stability

•     Abrasive and heat resistance

•     No fraying even in the cutting edge
Application•       Special use for automobile cabin air filter.

•       Automobile oil /fuel purifier.

•       Home air purifier.

•       Industrial air filtration.

•       Medical application.

  Nonwoven Air Filter Media-MT110
 .Compatible with most window, split AC models and Air Purifiers.
.Pre Filter is designed to partially cover (70%-80%) surface of AC mesh for better results.
.The Pre Filter is washable and reusable. .The Pre Filter expected life is up to 24 Months.
.The Pre Filter can be cut to any size. Simply cut filter with scissors to fit your filter size.
.Wash the Filters every month for Best Results. 
.Excellent product for maintaining and keeping the indoor unit coil dust free and clean.

Mt Needle Punch Non Woven Filter Cloth

•  High Barrier Property: It offers a high-level hydrostatic head property and thus a high-level protection against fluid and particles.

•  Good Air Permeability: Good air permeability is preserved, which is an important criterion for Ethylene Oxide Sterilization.

• Low Shrinkage Rate: It has a very low shrinkage rate after steam sterilization process.

• Excellent Mechanical Properties: It has a strong resistance to tears and punctures.

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