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PAB® PGA 39 is an advanced series buffer with Acrylic & Rubber Adhesive. Flat & Cylindrical shape buffer provides higher friction value but low noise resistance.

Head Flat
Shape  Cylindrical
Height 1.9mm
Diameter 19.0mm



Aluminum sections 
Artwork / Painting 
Handcraft .......................

The PAB PGA-39 is an advanced series buffer that comes with a unique set of features aimed at enhancing the protection and usability of various objects and surfaces. Here are the key benefits of the PAB PGA-39:

  1. Flat & Cylindrical Shape: This specific design offers a higher friction value, which is beneficial in keeping objects in place, especially on smooth surfaces. The flat and cylindrical shape ensures that the buffer can be easily applied under a wide range of items, providing a stable base that prevents slipping or sliding.

  2. Low Noise Resistance: While it provides significant friction to keep items stable, the PAB PGA-39 has a low noise resistance. This means that it is more focused on preventing movement rather than dampening sound. However, it can still contribute to reducing the noise generated by objects moving or being placed down on hard surfaces.

  3. Surface Protection: The buffer is widely used under desks, tabletop articles, and other furniture to prevent scratches on glass or polished wooden tables. By acting as a protective layer between the object and the surface, the PAB PGA-39 helps maintain the integrity and appearance of both the item it's applied to and the surface it's protecting.

  4. Versatile Application: Thanks to its design and adhesive backing, the PAB PGA-39 can be placed under almost any article, offering a versatile solution for protecting surfaces and ensuring object stability across various environments, including homes and offices.

  5. Ease of Use: Equipped with Acrylic & Rubber Adhesive, the PAB PGA-39 buffer can be easily applied to any surface without the need for specialized tools or complicated installation processes. This ease of application makes it accessible for both professional and DIY use.

It is widely used under desk or table top articles so it would not put a scratch on your glass or polished wooden table. You can place them under any article so that neither product's base would put scratch wherever it is put on nor it gets scratched.

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