PAB PGA 35 MegTri
PAB PGA 35 MegTri
PAB PGA 35 MegTri
PAB PGA 35 MegTri



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PAB® PGA 035 is an advanced series buffer with Acrylic & Rubber Adhesive. Flat & Cylindrical shape buffer provides higher friction value but low noise resistance.

Head Flat
Shape  Cylindrical
Height 4.0mm
Diameter 10.0mm


Aluminum sections 
Artwork / Painting 
Handcraft .......................

The PAB PGA-35 is an advanced series buffer that boasts a flat and cylindrical shape, which offers several key benefits for various applications:

  1. Higher Friction Value: Its flat and cylindrical shape is designed to provide a higher friction value. This means that it can effectively keep objects in place, reducing the risk of slipping or moving, which is particularly useful for items placed on smooth surfaces.

  2. Low Noise Resistance: While it provides a higher friction value, the PAB PGA-35 is characterized by low noise resistance. This aspect makes it more suitable for applications where noise is not a primary concern, and the focus is more on stability and preventing movement.

  3. Surface Protection: Like other products in the PAB series, the PGA-35 buffer is widely used under desks, tabletop articles, and other furniture to protect surfaces from scratches and damage. Its design ensures that delicate surfaces like glass or polished wood are safeguarded against potential damage from furniture legs or bases.

  4. Versatile Application: The buffer's design and materials make it suitable for a wide range of applications, from household furniture to office equipment. It can be used wherever there is a need to protect surfaces and prevent the movement of objects.

  5. Ease of Application: Equipped with Acrylic or Rubber Adhesive, the PAB PGA-35 can be easily applied to any surface, making it accessible for both professional installations and DIY projects.

  6. Durability: The PAB PGA-35 is made to withstand regular use, offering long-term protection and stability for various items. Its durability ensures that it remains effective over time without requiring frequent replacements.

The PAB PGA-35 buffer's unique combination of high friction value and low noise resistance makes it an ideal choice for applications requiring stability and surface protection without the necessity of noise dampening

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