Fashion Color Felt
Fashion Color Felt

Fashion Color Felt

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Its Various properties are Unrivalled by any other Single Material, excellent product range. Non-Woven Fabric is Dependent upon the Combination of factors in its Production. The range of Non-Woven Felt characteristics is wide.

1. Proves as an Excellent protective medium and also used for Manufacturing unit, Craft, Decorative etc .

2. They may have a soft, resilient hand, or they may be hard, stiff, or broadly with little pliability depends on customer demand.

3. Porosity of Non-Woven felt may range from low tear and burst strength to very high tensile strength.

4. They may be fabricated by gluing, heat bonding, or sewing.

5. Available in Variable thickness and Colour.

6. 100%Recycled polyester Fibers.