PAB PGA 04 MegTri
PAB PGA 04 MegTri
PAB PGA 04 MegTri
PAB PGA 04 MegTri
PAB PGA 04 MegTri



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PAB® PGA 04 is an advanced series PU buffer with Acrylic & Rubber Adhesive. Flat & Cylindrical shape buffer provides higher friction value but low noise resistance.

Head Flat
Shape  Cylindrical
Height 1.8mm
Diameter 10.0mm

It is widely used under desk or table top articles so it would not put a scratch on your glass or polished wooden table. You can place them under any article so that neither product's base would put scratch wherever it is put on nor it gets scratched.


Aluminum sections 
Artwork / Painting 
Handcraft .......................


The benefits of using PU (Polyurethane) buffers are numerous. These buffers are highly durable and provide excellent shock absorption, making them ideal for a wide range of applications. Whether used in industrial machinery, automotive components, or sports equipment, PU buffers offer reliable protection against impact and vibrations. Additionally, PU buffers are known for their versatility, as they can be customized to meet specific requirements in terms of hardness, shape, and size. Overall, incorporating PU buffers into various products can enhance their performance, longevity, and overall user experience.
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