PAB PGA 34 Soft MegTri
PAB PGA 34 Soft MegTri
PAB PGA 34 Soft MegTri
PAB PGA 34 Soft MegTri

PAB PGA 34 Soft


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PAB® PGA 34 Soft is an advanced soft series PU buffer with Acrylic or Rubber Adhesive. Product's special soft head provides excellent noise resistance but low stability.

Head Flat
Shape  Cylinderical
Height 3.1mm
Diameter 10.0mm


Aluminum sections 
Artwork / Painting 
Handcraft .......................


The PAB PGA-34 Soft, as part of the advanced soft series PU buffer with Acrylic or Rubber Adhesive, offers a unique set of benefits geared towards enhancing the user experience in various applications. Here are some of the key advantages:

  1. Excellent Noise Resistance: The special soft head of the PGA-34 Soft buffer provides superior noise resistance, making it an ideal choice for applications where sound absorption is crucial. This feature is particularly beneficial in reducing impact noise between doors and window profiles, leading to a quieter and more comfortable environment.

  2. Low Stability: While the focus on noise resistance is a major advantage, it is important to note that the PGA-34 Soft buffer offers low stability. This characteristic means that while it excels in sound absorption, it may not be the best choice for applications requiring high stability and support.

  3. Sound Absorption: The primary objective of the PGA-34 Soft buffer is to provide effective sound absorption. This makes it a valuable addition in settings where reducing noise from impacts, such as the closing of cabinets or drawers, is desired.

  4. Versatile Application: Despite its low stability, the PGA-34 Soft buffer can be placed between door and window profiles or used in cabinets' drawers to prevent noise from slamming. This versatility allows it to be used in a wide range of settings, from residential to commercial spaces, wherever noise reduction is a priority.

  5. Ease of Installation: Equipped with either Acrylic or Rubber Adhesive, the PGA-34 Soft buffer can be easily installed in the desired location without the need for complex tools or procedures, making it accessible for DIY projects and professional installations alike.

The main object of this product is to provide sound absorption. You can place between door and window profile for impact noise reduction. Used in cabinet's drawers to prevent impact damage and provide soft closure.  

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